world of forex

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world of forex

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Lately more and more people have jumped in the world of forex. Whether it's as a Trader, Investor, Market Analyst, Exchanger, Broker, Dealer and much more. Currency is also the main topic of conversation for everyday forex market participants.

However, not everyone really understands what currencies they are talking about and buying. This is very strange right? Remember! Warren Buffet always yells loudly at one of his popular quotations "Risk comes from not knowing what you are doing". The risk comes from your ignorance of what you do.
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1. USD

United States Dollar (US Dollar) or often called Buck or Greenback.

The word Dollar refers to the name of a large silver coin in Europe. Most countries in Europe use it a lot in transactions, including the United Kingdom. After the Americans (the majority of whom were British) declared their independence, they determined that the Dollar was the official currency of the country.

Buck is the name for Deer skin. In ancient times on the American continent Deer skin (Buck) and the like were valuable commodities, even relatively luxurious. Until now, Americans analogize their currencies as valuables. So that the Dollar is also called Buck.
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The greenback is a green paper currency printed on one side, which was published by America during the Civil War, namely in 1861-1865. At the beginning of its publication, the Greenback was not supported by the amount of gold and silver owned by the American government, but the Greenback was based on public trust and credibility from the American government.

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